Our Pricing

We have a very simple fee structure that is easy to apply. Unlike most other logistics companies, there are no complicated formulas and you only pay for what you require. And simple volume-driven discounts are also available!

We offer great flexibility, with short-term contracts and payment options available.

Our pricing is very transparent, with a daily activity running balance available to you at all times.

Our pricing has the following structure:

Variable Charges

Service Rate Basis
Warehousing Per pallet per day (same rate all 365 days in year; a pallet = 1m L x 1m W x 1.2m H)
Pick & Pack Per order (one or more items per order, with a volume driven price structure)
Packaging Per order (courier bags and additional protective packaging where required)
Postage/Freight Australia Post bulk rates passed on to you (or courier rates where applicable). Get an estimate of our postage costs.
Returns Per order (items returned to stock)
Exchanges & replacements Per order (items returned to stock, re-picked & packed)
Stock delivery & receipt Hourly rate (transparent time sheets available through our web portal)
Stock-take Hourly rate (performed upon your request or at regular intervals)
Insurance Businesses need to take out their own insurance for stock in our warehouse.
IT systems integration and custom functionality Hourly rate (performed upon your request)
Advertising & Mail House functions Hourly rate (performed upon your request)

Fixed Charges

Service Rate Basis
Account Management Monthly charge based on business size (includes ongoing IT support and complete management of account)

Please contact us for a quote of the exact rates we can offer you, based on the nature and size of your business.