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To eBay Sellers:

We have the perfect solution for you. Read our case study and find out how Terence from Deal Kingdom made the move to us, and how he now benifits in sales growth and bottom line! 

Case Study – Deal Kingdom

Terence, who has his own eBay store and a couple of his own websites, has been successfully trading on-line for several years. He was based at home and housed his stock in his garage. His product range had grown substantially over time and found himself with no more room to purchase new stock and hence grow his business.


Like every home based entrepreneur he faced tough decisions about growth and expansion. Without the room to physically grow his stock, his earning potential was limited. Does he take on his own premises, employ his own staff, buy his own equipment and run the risk of destroying his bottom line, does he accept where he is at, or does he partner up with a logistic specialist and take his business to the next level.


Well after some hard thought, Terence decided to see what the logistics marketplace had to offer. His main concern was cost, and would someone take him on without a stock coding system. With over 1,000 different product lines this was a big concern.


Terence contacted us shortly after his hunt for a logistics company began. After a site visit to his house, we discovered that although he had no system of stock management, we could address his concerns in a couple of days.


We generated a product manifest of all his listed stock from various sources with image, description, and stock-on-hand information. We loaded this information onto our website, allocated SKU (product codes) to each product, and then sent out a specialist warehouse team to mark up his stock. They were armed with tablets to help them identify and assign SKU’s. His stock was marked up and in three days his moved into our warehouse was complete. 


Terence now finds himself with time to focus on product listings and managing his exciting growth, while we mange his stock and fulfilment needs. He only pays us for the space his stock takes up, and the orders we fulfil. He also benefits with very competitive postage rates and has told us that his new postage savings has offset his new warehouse expenses.


For the first time he now has an accurate value of his stock position, can manage his stock depth on our website 24/7 and can stop making his daily trip to the post office. He is delighted, and his family have their house back!!!

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